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  1. Medabots rokusho is on the missing list. Darksiders Warmastered Edition is out on WiiU USB Helper.
  2. I saw something usa-only at wiiuiso, maybe it covers usa Wii titles. Wii VC must be installed in realnand (emunand will not work) getting them with wiiu usb helper and installing with wupinstaller otherwise they will not work, did you fulfill those requisites before launching them?
  3. Buy the title and share the ID+key with the community Pikmin 1 is released and can be found in WiiU USB Helper (USA only for now).
  4. Thank you, added to the list !
  5. Here it is the mini guide officially released by Nintendo to discover the world of BOTW ! Includes hints for the 1st game parts. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Yeah, if there is not an update you are out of luck and have to wait a full and correct dump with a full title dump or key. But if you want you can manually edit the \code .xml files comparing them to full title \code\*.xml files (whatever it is) and it will probably work installing after "NUSPacking" but the data you will put in probably will not be the exact original ones. If you make a new thread please inform me, I will link it to mine : )
  7. Yes you can use the PC utility called NUSPacker to convert loadiine games to wup installer installable packets; remember that loadiine version of the games usually have a bad \code folder (you can identify it by looking at the size of cos.xml file, if it is 2Kb is bad, if it is 4Kb or more it is a good folder); the reason is that dumping with ddd will not make a correct dump of the \code folder; to fix this you need to download the update of the game, substitute the .xml files of the update to the original ones and replace the update-titleID inside the app.xml with the full-titleID (just substitute the E with a 0, for example if update titleID inside the app.xml is 0005000E10153200 you need to change it to 0005000010153200). You need to do that because NUSPacker will produce bad installation files without the above modifications so that the game will install but it will not launch; if you correct the above stuff it will work. About EUR vs USA you are right, multilanguage are preferred but I would like to "concentrate" to the title availability compared to language availability so also USA-only are also appreciated and will fulfill that list, i hope you will understand : ) EDIT If someone want to donate also the EUR list will probably be filled : )
  8. The list shows released games, it does not take into consideration if it is EUR or USA, if it was released (at the keysite or dumped with ddd) in any of those 2 region it is there (japan titles are excluded). About Octodad and Typoman they were released before the title key dumping procedure/tools were available so you can find them in loadiine format with some google search. Assassin Creed III DLC is available USA-only at the usual key site and that list do not take into consideration updates and DLCs. I will update the 1st post with a little "disclaimer", thank you for pointing that out : )
  9. It was releasesd (so it is not present on the list) EUR version only, unfortunately no USA until now.
  10. The info you are requesting are available at "that keysite" (the title ID+key are available for USA-version-only for now). If you don't know what "that keysite" is or how to use it you can download the game with WiiU USB Helper.
  11. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO THE PEOPLE RELEASING MISSING TITLES IN THE LAST FEW DAYS !!! Now only 9 Wii VC are missing ! : ) Donations are always welcome ; )
  12. [Hidden Content] and the eshop site.
  13. They are unreleased games, you cannot download them. Please read the whole thread.