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  1. Not working for me too. Can you change host please ?
  2. Base game link is missing (identical to update one)
  3. Thank you man ! Update and base game has the same link (the update one), can you correct the base game link please ?
  4. Thank you really much for your update ! Unfortunately filerio is really slow and problematic... can you upload it ALSO to zippyshare please ?
  5. My friend the usual password ( y5IKHbnfz9jGb5F69jFE35Fljgf ) is not working anymore (I am using wirar 5.70)... EDIT: sorry, archive was damaged during download it works
  6. New Official 2.4.0 Update Released !
  7. asper


    Dued to a recent, MASSIVE, titlekey update, there is just one Wii U game which seems to be missing: - The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition: 49.99 (like 1st edition but with dlcs) I updated the 1st post list according to this new BIG update ! All Virtual Console games seems to be released considering also JAP VC titles ! If you have other missing titles please write them answering here !