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  1. It's blocked by zippyshare,uploaded again. @tazzmo33 This version works on 5.05.
  2. its a bbcode problem,delete the symbols. but anyway,
  3. Enjoy CUSA1222 EUR version,incl. 2.02 update merged,dumped by me.(Arcade Edition) 16 characters are playable,the rest are locked. [Hidden Content] SFV ARCADE EDITION DLC PACK (IT'S NOT WORKING) [Hidden Content] Use base64decode to decode. Zippysharelinks.
  4. Majoras Mask PAL version is MULTI4,english has been included.Greetings.
  5. Yes!,you can play in USA consoles,the base game is a USA game. Sorry if i cannot make game request,but,more games will be added. 3 games has been added!Enjoy!
  6. I don't know if works,sorry mate.
  7. You need signature patch using mocha for install this.
  8. Fixed! ;-)
  9. Use this and take a look: Here
  10. Yes,you can download with uWizard and then make a fake signed title.tik,with the titlekey. Greetings.
  11. The DKCR Wii version has a dump of the titlekey,so,don't need to be inject. Greetings.
  12. Yes! Super Paper Mario has been added!
  13. Ok,no problem. I'll do soon.
  14. New games added!!!
  15. The next injects! ;-) coming soon.