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  1. can this run in ver 8.1 ? or need ver 9.0 ? thanks for upload :3
  2. lol sir you make me shock X"D i think this game already leak lol > then read dlc unlock only :')
  3. boyraiser1

    God Eater 3 [XCI+Update v131072+DLC]

  4. thanks for sharing sir are you have god eater 3 too ? they realease date same as DQ buidler 2 X"D
  5. boyraiser1

    Request God eater 3 demo

    the demo already release wanna try it '-') hehehe thanks
  6. i already finish it where must we go to do final battle mission ?
  7. is this include dlc AOT the final battle sir ?
  8. finallyyy yess '-')/ thankss sir
  9. boyraiser1

    Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (Eng)

    up up up i think this game release todayy
  10. thankssss for upload i m wating MECHSTERMINATION FORCE hehehe :3