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  1. Techk

    gamecube on switch with sos

    i managed to get gamecube games on with lakka exploict i used this video to install only thing i do run to is some games dont run that smooth for example simpsons hit and run , i do overclock cpu and gpu to max settings but still lags any further help on that work be great thanks
  2. Techk

    gamecube on switch with sos

    does anyone know how to run Nintendo gamecube games though switch running sx os firmware thanks in advance
  3. Techk

    Fifa 20 (request)

    i too would like to know also as got my ps4 version but would like switch version please
  4. attached picture what I get no pre scenarios are there nothing, copied everything to root and installed like a normal game
  5. in english how do you set this up
  6. Techk

    Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    ive done the same but would love leak so could play on the plane to my holiday
  7. Techk

    sxos on 7.0.1

    update switch too firmware 7.01 but it load cfw sx os 2.5.3 it goes in the sxos menu , i select boot cfw then just get black screen any help thanks
  8. i get the extact same thing
  9. Techk

    fm19 touch asks to update

    just installed fm 19 touch on switch i went to run it and asks me to update console , i dont know version its asking me to up date too fm19 is nsp version downloaded from here firmware on switch is sxos v2.3 with 6.0.1 console anyone able to help out thanks
  10. Techk

    difference between NSP and XCI

    what is the difference in NSP and XCI games seen few posts for games one saying nsp at end of title and some say xci i dont understand what they mean and whats the difference pros and cons for both thanks