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  1. Hello, i'm looking for these games updates : deltarune 131072 legrand legacy - tales of the fatebounds 262144 stellar interface 196608 yumenikki - dream diary 65526 thank you
  2. untoldlb

    Horizon Chase Turbo [NSP]+[UPD v1.1.5]

    tried to install it with tinfoil and gold leaf, the update doesn't work, the game won't launch...
  3. And for the latest update for STELLAR INTERFACE thx
  4. thank you again for your great work !!! do you know where to find the latest wargroove update ? 1.1.2 thanx
  5. thank you but the DAEMON X MACHINA Prototype Orders [010087F00D70C800][v65536] UPDATE doesn't work for me on SXOS 6.5.3 switch OS 6.2 for me the nsp file seems to crash : tinfoil, goldleaf, installer menu on sxos and the hbmenu using tinfoil too... if anyone is successful with this nsp, let me know.
  6. Hello there i'm looking for the latest update for this game : WARGROOVE UPD 196608 thank you all
  7. Hello i'm looking for the update regarding the game DONUT COUNTY. thank you, regards
  8. otherwise you can use this sd card script that works flawlessly on macOs [Hidden Content] i use it with my SD Card containing emulators, NES online etc... it's perfect.
  9. I had the same issue on mac, open terminal and paste this command line (replace YOUR SD CARD by the name of your card)
  10. untoldlb

    Tomb Raider 1

    once unzipped you have an OpenLara Folder from my archive (with all the files), so simply put it in the switch folder