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  1. nayb

    Atmosphere 7.0/7.0.1 support

    I think we must be patient. Others cfw will be Updated in few days or weeks. If you play to backups, rest in 6.2 fw
  2. June is a joke by sciresM to the delay for the first release of athmosphere
  3. Thanks for the news. I just add, SciresM, Athmosphere creator, declared: 7.0.1 will be supported by AMS at the same time as 7.0.0 (in the next June 15th) Source
  4. nayb

    Hi looking for constructor plus nsp

    Release in feb 28 Nintendo.com
  5. nayb

    [REQUEST] Constructor plus switch

    Release in feb 28 Nintendo.com
  6. nayb

    Final Fantasy IX

  7. nayb

    Final Fantasy IX

    I think where ff9 ne release, we find link with facility
  8. nayb

    Final Fantasy IX

    it was just announced so be patient
  9. nayb

    [REQUEST] Constructor plus switch

    Release date: 02/22/19 si be patient!
  10. nayb

    REQ: Evoland

    It reassures me, I thought I was the only one to wait Evoland ?
  11. nayb

    REQ: Evoland

    sorry, I did not know it
  12. nayb

    REQ: Evoland

    The game is in eshop just today so i think update is just a fake or bug
  13. nayb

    REQ: Evoland

    Yes me too!!!
  14. nayb


    Breaking news: SciresM Twitter, creator of athmosphere: Atmosphere 7.0.0 bring-your-own-keys basic support: done. It may take a few days to a week or two for me to get non-bring-your-own-keys support working, but it's a work in progress. Source
  15. nayb


    Explication by sciresM atmosphere CFW: For people complaining about "no new changes", 7.0.0 is actually definitely deserving of a major bump. Besides usual anti-hacker stuff, 7.0.0 has major API changes...new services and everything! They also seem to have turned on optimization flags(?) in a lot of sysmodules? And: Point is, it's not like N has spent months doing nothing but anti-hacker stuff then bumped the major version to meme on people. There's what looks like big changes/additions at the OS API-level, probably to facilitate stuff for games/the OS in future updates. Source!