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  1. So you have to be connected online so that the game will recognize that the game's DLC is released? No offline method?
  2. Hi all, Just got my SX Pro today on my Switch, I used to buy original games before. I have some probable noob questions regarding SX OS which I appreciate the answer for: 1. How do you transfer games that I download here to my Switch easily? My laptop doesn't recognize the Switch SD card when I connect it directly using USB-C cable. Do I have to remove SD Card always and connect it directly to laptop? 2. I have ORIGINAL Xenoblade Chronicles 2 installed before on my switch before jailbreaking. I wanted the Torna DLC so I installed the DLC plus some other DLCs for the original game. Then I inserted the original cartridge to boot the game (since I don't have the .xci of original XC2) but it produced an error when booting. How do I solve this? 3. Can I delete the .NSP files in my SD card after installing it in SX OS?