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  1. heun


    I do that, the problem is, when the game BASE requires 6.0, don't work 😕
  2. show! partiu dublagem agora? haha parabéns!
  3. ok, I'm Sorry About that, I read and understand your topic on other forum (GB...) ... thanks, it's amazing! now patching ARMS and Xenoverse (xenoverse 1 dlc + updates, or at last trying) but, worked fine with Stardew Valley
  4. Ok, Maybe because my English is trash, but, what I understand is, you are runing the original cartridge with layeredFS using updates, thats not new and works with DLC too like splatoon (tested myself) , But if you are runing KIRBY main game, with layeredfs plus Update, ok, sorry about that, THIS IS NEW AND GREAT, so, how are you runing the Main game ?
  5. Sorry but, it will not work, all what you did is extract a Update file, nothing new here...
  6. heun

    [REQUEST] Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    11k views, almost 12k, this is CRAZY
  7. "Am I missing any hidden threads on this board? Where are all the eshop titles at? Hollow Knight? Shovel Knight? Inside? I am new to this board, but there's so little activity here, besides the exchange of older console games in the other subforums. I'm not trying to sound entitled or anything, I am just very much wondering of why there is so much time between the users interacting." And about your contribution? I don't see anywhere, always asking for more games... anyway Worms is there... same topic
  8. they're all in other topics I don't see the point in upload again...
  9. heun

    [REQUEST] Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

  10. command are "hactool -k keys.txt --exefsdir=exefs gamename.nca" if you dont know nothing like Jon Snow, follow the tutorial for Mario Tennis Aces Running now with voez demo (I don't tried save yet)
  11. thanks! I'll upload Stardew, Worms and Sonic Mania (y)