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  1. You don't need first update. Same for any switch game. Just use latest one. Added Update v131072 (v1.0.2) (Patched version for lower firmwares) Please post the results.
  2. Yes, each new update will most likely get bigger.
  3. Update part 1 is 15GB. Not sure how you got 16.9GB. Links are on first page. I put the size for each file.
  4. Make sure you put both parts together in a folder. Right click one of them and extract. Check the size if they are correct? Part 1 is 15GB. Part 2 around 1GB
  5. Thanks for sharing, I’ll give it a try later
  6. That was for previous update. New one works fine. Update is for firmware 7 There should not be any merge. You get the file after you extract from the two parts archive.
  7. Send me DLC if you have it 😂
  8. You need both parts to extract. Check make sure you have correct size and filename should be almost same.