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  1. Hello, found a fixed Version of the 2 Player Coop mod from Ocarine of Time. Found it on another Forum. In the Package is the Loadiine Version or the install Files for Wupinstaller. Only put it in the right Directiories and play! You can play the whole Game in Coop. Download What is important: - Player 2 is controlled by Controller 4 - When starting a new game, skips to Navi waking Link up -To bypass with second player "Hold Z and just press C-Up once. Link has to be Z-Targeting and standing still for this to work" -You can change the Player perspective to simple Press left on Dpad for first Player and Right for Second Player -Some Items like Longshot cannot be use by Second Player so theyre locked for the second Player -Both Player Share Health Fixes: - A lot Camera Fixes - A lot Entrance fixes - Boomerang now working for both Player -You can push/pull Block for both Player only Press A to Release -Spin Attack working for both players -Z targeting for Second Player is focused on the Target of first Player - First Player can use first Person Camera its important for some Items like Bow to go through Story -the shield glitch is fixed -Diving Bug Fixed Fixed a lot other Bugs which on the Spinout Patch