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  1. LuizThiago

    Dragon Quest XI S?

    unfortunately, this means nothing
  2. LuizThiago

    Dragon Quest XI S?

    with a little luck, I bet Wednesday
  3. LuizThiago

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    im waiting for it
  4. Download Limit Data Reached =(
  5. Ty! Someone can up in Google Drive? I dont have a paid acc on MEGA
  6. Hey guys, Dr. Mario is released on Appstore/Google Play, but not on my country.... Someone has the apk tΓ΄ share?
  7. Oh my God, for the tenth time, it's not a question of comparing or downgrades, it's about a poorly-done badly optimized port, even for Switch's capabilities! What is the difficulty of understanding this? Downgrade is different from bad port! Do not be dishonest and force yourself to understand what I'm talking about. [Hidden Content]
  8. Did you read the posts? there is no such thing as comparisons! the problem is the port for the Switch that is yes compromised: imput lag, low resolution for Switch supported patterns, blurred textures ... In the docked mode the fps are very compromised, there are people asking for the money back ...
  9. Is it just me or is the game very ugly? it's uglier than it should be, and it looks like it got worse after the patch... Very washed textures and very low resolution... is it just here?