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  1. Post video on oping it and install to see how it's done plus switch light gets drift problem less then a month.
  2. am-Xecuter Demos SX OS v3.0.0 Running On Nintendo Switch Lite happy new year everyone.
  3. Turbo off topic luigi mansion 3 sent me email of new dlc hope you get it soon with repack of it thanks.
  4. [Hidden Content] the king eur cia.
  5. vegaskid

    Shovel knight king for gateway

    [Hidden Content] for gateway.
  6. Thanks works on 8 firmware sx but the king I don't like his moves he can't downward strike great game thanks turbo. Use goldleaf ignore firmware option .
  7. what this about I just said buy the game if want to go online. I do have 900$ after I pay rent and my bills so if I want to play online I'll buy a switch to do that not get mad and say bad words to people thanks 👍
  8. Just buy the game and switch light of you love that game so much.