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  1. Im humen box can't click it.
  2. vegaskid

    WWE 2K20??

    Fake picture post in request.
  3. [Hidden Content] alone in dark [Hidden Content] resident evil 3 [Hidden Content] resident evil director cut enjoy new PlayStation one cia for new 3ds only have fun. [Hidden Content] get the injector to do it your self too.
  4. If you have iPhone you don't need VPN I'll post it next time.
  5. Do we have to download update again I downloaded added the Google one when you first posted it.
  6. I'm using chrome and it shows up to download I'll try to google when I have time.
  7. I just checked it it still there .
  8. Upload mvc2 rom for flycast thanks can't seem to make any games to start.
  9. Chd roms work on flycast. Works with sx got do the swap to atmosphere with sx.
  10. Get a gdi dreamcast rom then get cud v.5 and convert to Chd and your games will work in flycast install a game in atmosphere then on that game hold r to get to album then start your retro arch enjoy.
  11. INSTALL LAKKA AT OWN RISK read faqs at homepage.
  12. It is if you install lakka. Lakka will run games better then atmosphere get a gdi dreamcast rom then get chd v.5 then change it to a chd and games will work with flycast install a real game click that game hold r to enter hombrew then start retro arch enjoy Lakka is better then all so far till flycast updates for atmosphere.
  13. Thanks for your hard work.👍