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  1. vegaskid

    Smash stage share sight

    [Hidden Content] download stages for smash.
  2. vegaskid

    New fuze coming to switch

    [Hidden Content] new homebrew coming to switch called fuze take look at it.
  3. thanks for dlc my phone spells things sorry that d word was there.
  4. If using atmosphere you change folder name to atmo I can't help I use sxo plus I'm new to cheats too. To L I'm using ex fat micro if don't work might be your micro card might have to format it good luck it works for me.
  5. Are you using 7.01 system firmware download file put it on root of micro try again works for everyone everyone got frost.
  6. vegaskid

    8.01 update switch info

    [Hidden Content] click to read info on this latest switch firmware.
  7. vegaskid

    Mk 11 cheats (Google Drive)

    [Hidden Content] it unlocks stages finish moves frost and shao khan sxo users and atmosphere just rename first folder to atmosphere enjoy cheats till we get unlocker. Venom just realese dlc unlocker .
  8. [Hidden Content] download the cheats it works enjoy. When I got the cheats the last part was typed wrong in instructions the download works if 420 can post the download first post erase the instructions on first page thanks.
  9. You might haven't used them in a while I'm new to cheats myself. Waiting for unlocker hope soon.
  10. That's the cheats I got then tried it didn't work till I typed it different enjoy your cheats.
  11. [Hidden Content] the cheats work fine enjoy if using atmosphere change the first folder name to that. Link420 download file then upload to your Google post in front page of your post thanks. Tested works fine.