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  1. irrelevant_pelican

    Please delete- link is working now

    I apologize, was looking for a game, I thought the download link wasn't working but I tried it again and it did!
  2. irrelevant_pelican

    [MF] My Wii Channels Collection

  3. irrelevant_pelican

    [Wii] Mario Kart Wii with ALL SNES levels

    It would be SO awesome if there could be a custom Mario Kart Wii with all the SNES levels, including the battle mode levels. I'm a huge Mario Kart fan and my brother and I still play the SNES version to this day! It'd be great to have it in 3D and HD on Dolphin.
  4. irrelevant_pelican

    [MEGA] Excite Truck (WBFS NTSC-U)

  5. irrelevant_pelican

    [MEGA] Castlevania Judgment (WBFS NTSC-U)

  6. irrelevant_pelican

    A few Wii games I didn't see on here

    *crossing fingers for Castlevania for Wii* *crossing fingers for Castlevania for Wii*
  7. irrelevant_pelican

    A Full Mame Rom set

    Okay. Does anyone here have a torrent they can recommend me?
  8. irrelevant_pelican

    A Full Mame Rom set

    Hello, I am new to using Mame. I have been having a very hard time because the Mame roms I find never seem to match up to the version of the Mame program I have. My current solution is to download EVERY version of Mame i can find, and try each rom on each version. This is super tedious. I'm hoping there exists a FULL COMPLETE set of ALL roms for ONE particular version of Mame. For example- a full Mame rom set that works perfectly well and is compatible with Mame .166. Does such a thing exist? There has to be an easier way. Thank you. Any advice is appreciated.
  9. irrelevant_pelican

    [MEGA] Ultimate Wiiware / VC Wad Collection

    Pretty great!