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  1. If adblock is ON you cant even get to the capture so no idea what you meant.
  2. Cant get past your clicksfly pages, get fake antivirus pop every time
  3. Hi, same here i get as far as ticking captcha box, every single time i click download i get a fake "your infected with a virus" Have to say its not just your links its ALL clicksfly ones.
  4. a7mag3ddon

    Celeste (NSP) [UPDATE][MF-MG-GD]

    That media fire one is spammy as fuck, even after i disabled adblock, enabled java i still couldnt get to download it, and my antivirus blocked over 15 shitty infected pages. I know you shared this for free and all but jesus this one of the worst. Mega one is the same, dont waste your time.
  5. a7mag3ddon

    DarkUmbra Early Access Team

    Count me in ?
  6. How do you do the update on Zelda becuase hactool is exptecting an NCA file for the update but the update isnt an nca file? Is it already done or something... im consumed, any help apreciated.
  7. When you click all in 1 link it takes you to lots of 3DS games, is that right ?
  8. a7mag3ddon

    Yoshi's Woolly World EUR WiiU VENOM