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  1. Link dead again. Do you have Guitar Hero live and any DLC?
  2. Firetvstick2001

    Guitar Hero Live PS4

    I'm having a hell of a time finding this one and some DLC. Any help?
  3. Tried to grab the rex mii however I can't get past the linkz on this particular one. Says click to verify captcha then it will redirect. it never redirects. is there something on the page I need to click?
  4. I've tried the method mentioned about saving to my GD and then downloaded, still says quota is full unfortunatel.
  5. Tried nsp on 1F multiple times, I'm on a slower connection but it keeps timing out and says file not found periodically.
  6. Firetvstick2001

    Request Diablo 3 Info

  7. Can't see to find this anywhere. Anyone have it hosted?
  8. Firetvstick2001

    Request Diablo 3 Info

    Installed D3 and it came with "Fix Files". Where do these go? Do I have to FTP into my PS4 and search the root drive to add them? I don't see them on the external HDD to add them to.
  9. Firetvstick2001

    PS4 SNES

    Does anyone have the prepackaged emulator with games?
  10. Firetvstick2001

    [SX OS Theme] Black and Blue

    Installed Half Lifes?
  11. Figured it out.