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    Have many of them,one of it is,to hack "NINTENDO'S DREAM OF A REGION FREE GAMING PLATFORM" (like the switch now ;)

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  1. 1F(uck) ,pls "Direct Link" [without trashing] thx.
  2. works on switch 6.2.0 (AMS 0.8.1) also well. Thx!
  3. ..just like for Starlink,but this time for Skylanders. ..without any toy/Dlc,you can't play Skylanders
  4. Swiminaha

    How to read TitleID//Info

    How to get "TitleID" from an "Local stored" game? (XCI/NSP no matter). Is there a tool for Desktop ,that could "read" the NSP/XCI files,and shows maybe up the "TitleID/Region"-Info?
  5. Swiminaha

    Diablo III Eternal Collection AUDIO PACK

    ..already has the "Audio"packs^^
  6. Swiminaha

    Firmware 6.1.0 Download

    Thank you! (Works great,like nothing happend, after update) *May you will upload in future more of it? would be helpful and nice. Thx!
  7. Swiminaha

    [NS] Custom Theme Webpage/Thread [?] 2k18

    Found a "other" page for it, cant wait until they made it [Hidden Content]
  8. Swiminaha

    bios files for dreamcast

    [Hidden Content]
  9. Swiminaha


    have you ever maded the option "AutoRCM" on? (Bcs when off, switch boots without dongle into basicFW [not CFW])
  10. Swiminaha

    Any custom themes for 6.0.1? Using ReiNX

    Follow this "Simple(?)" guide. *If you have trouble, tell me..i can help you too. An other thingy^^ like the title says... i love it This one (Tool) you will need (else get the one from the second link, the "Web tool"), but the desktoptool is in my opinion,better. [Hidden Content] Here you can see the other side of the "Theme Tutorial",just get ro it, may you will succsses^^.. good luck [Hidden Content]
  11. Swiminaha

    3ds games on switch ?

    first of all, its possible,but it will tkae some time too, bcs noone rly wants the 3ds ( Citra) emulator on the switch right now, and the other thing is, noone (right now) can port it onto the switch itself. Second stuff: Here are some links, you may be intrested. first link is the emulator (3ds) for pc "Citra". [Hidden Content] second links leads you to the rom's you wishes to play at some point. Luigi's Mansion 2" [Hidden Content]
  12. Swiminaha

    Any custom themes for 6.0.1? Using ReiNX

    ..why you dont make your own? its rly easy. yes. already maded a bunch of custom themes for 5.x and 6.x with custom layouts too..
  13. Can you Play Paladins "Offline" ? (Like on pc with bots)
  14. Hello Community! Just starting a question about: "Is there somewhere or just in planing, a Webpage where you can get custom maded "Themes" for your console? {Im asking bcs nin3DS [Themeplaza,eu] has his own Theme/Splash/Badge Homepage where you can upload own-maded themes to share with community} #im knowing thats not legal(?) but hacking isnit too and we have it..so. Dont waste me/my time with "Thats not possible,blah-content". If this wont happen,i will plan/make my own.