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  1. [mega] ps3 coin-op pkgs

    no probz. are they working ok for you? i dont have a ps3 to test them on
  2. [mega] ps3 coin-op pkgs

    [HIDE][Hidden Content]] some ps3 coin-op pkgs for cfw installed ps3. install with pkg manager from root of usb. list of games :- Dimahoo Last Resort Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighters Mighty Pang Shadow Dancer Shinobi The Simpsons Tmnt Toki Enjoy !!!
  3. I did read on a thread on gba that someone confirmed it working along with wimms mario kart
  4. Has anyone tried injecting project m?
  5. Must say i prefer these rather than using nintendont forwarder. Awesome! Widescreen and exiting too. Are you taking any requests? If not no worries. Stella job as always
  6. Nice work mate keep it up. Awesome
  7. [MEGA] 3DS Themes

    thanx man great stuff! anyone know where i can get a nirvana and/or a queens of the stone age theme not really bothered how they look i got the metallica one and it rocks
  8. Official Theme Creation Tool

    gotta try this.thanx
  9. Pre-ordered the red blue with zelda and arms. Really looking forward to it. Hope we get a metroid and a smash bros down the line also some of the newer street fighter games would be good but lets see. Fingers crossed