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  1. As most of you may already know, I ran the prominent Twitch Plays Nintendo Switch channel, or as more of you may know it as Twitch Plays Super Mario Odyssey that received quite a bit of traffic thanks to both this community and places like Kotaku. [Hidden Content] To thank everyone for a time I will never forget, I've decided to go ahead and share all of the files that I used to make this happen so that you guys can create some awesome bots/tools of your own! Now with that sappy boring introduction out of the way, lets get too what you all really want to hear. This is of course based off of the RE'd Pokken controller done by shinyquagsire23 which can be found here. Unfortunately however I lost the modified C code due to me having a hard head and not having backups, however the modified HEX code can be found in my Github below [Hidden Content]