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  1. BlitzCraig

    Just Dance Modding Community

    I recently discovered Just Dance Unlimited Party and I'm enjoying it more than Just Dance 2020. I've noticed that the music is louder and their are also 2 Just Dance Fanmade routines in there. I recently searched Just Dance Fanmade and discovered a wealth of material. I'd like to know if there's a Just Dance Modding Community where I could download more of these Fanmade routines for Wii. Does anyone know about this?
  2. BlitzCraig

    REQUEST] Just Dance Unlimited Party

    I'm looking for downloads for this game. I understand he's made multiple versions, any idea where I can get them?
  3. BlitzCraig

    [REQUEST] Just Dance Unlimited Party

    I clicked all of the links on the YouTube video. No luck.
  4. BlitzCraig


    The link is yielding a failed Google search in my browser Edit: works in a different browser, doesn't work in Adblock
  5. I was surprised that I missed this for the last year. It's a Wii mod project that assembles all of the Just Dance DLC into a single ISO. My searches for this gem have been fruitless. Any help? Much appreciated
  6. Any chance we could get Madden 08? Also NBA Jam is missing.
  7. BlitzCraig

    Billy's Boot Camp: Wii de Enjoy Diet! (WBFS NTSC-J)

    Thanks. Anyone having any problems loading? I've been getting a black screen for this one.