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  1. nocturnalsteve


    So its a 1.15GB update when its finally extracted -and no real info in the nfo file - anyone have any details on what is in this big update at all??
  2. nocturnalsteve


    Anyone know what's in this update? Any new levels etc?
  3. nocturnalsteve

    Kingdom: New Lands [XCI]

    Anyone got the NSP version handy?
  4. Can anyone help out? I dont have a PC to convert XCI > NSP , cheers in advance - sure lots of people want this in NSP format
  5. It is an XCI file Anyone have the NSP link?
  6. Ah I fucked it! Didnt see that one, hope its the NSP version, Cheers
  7. Sorry to post here but I haver searched everywhere for the NSP version of this and can only find updates, anyone help? Rocket_League_Ultimate_Edition_NSW-VENOM
  8. nocturnalsteve


    Any chance of uploading the base game? Cant find it anywhere on this forum Rocket_League_Ultimate_Edition_NSW-VENOM
  9. Any chance of posting the link for the base game? Cheers for all your uploads and hard work here as well
  10. Tried installing the Ultimate Edition and get a You must have the software to play error code!! Anyone have the first NSP release so I can start again?? Same scenario with Mario Kart 8 if anyone has that handy too? Cheers