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  1. Can someone explain how you got the uodate first???
  2. badman112

    Brave Neptunia/Super Neptunia RPG

    English was meant to be out yesterday according to gamefaqs. EDIT: My bad i was sure i read 20th but its between 25th and 28th depending on region.
  3. badman112

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    Ok another update for you this is project omnislash and this is the way to go for original. Again it works better on Atmosphere and does have to known crashes so your gonna have to turn the mod off save and then reload when you get pass the bits. As always this is not my work credit is always due to the creators. Welcome to the official thread for FF7 Project Omnislash! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What this project adds: -) New HD graphics for all Enemies, NPC's, Main Characters, Weapons, Battle backgrounds, World Map models and Summons! -) New HD Cutscene Videos! -) New Battle Sound Effects! -) New HD Avatars/Menu! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link to download the project: [Hidden Content] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install the project: To install this project you'll need to copy the entire "0100A5B00BDC6000" folder onto your switch SD card into the "titles" folder. Below is what the folder setup should look like depending on which custom firmware you have. Atmosphere CFW: atmosphere/titles/0100A5B00BDC6000 ReiNX CFW: reinx/titles/0100A5B00BDC6000 SXOS CFW: sxos/titles/0100A5B00BDC6000 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FF7 Overclock Config file included: Included in this project is a folder labeled "FF7 Switch Overclock Config File". Within this folder you'll find a config file that will help FF7 run a lot smoother. This config file will overclock your Switch when just running FF7. Helping it handle any sort of lag that may arise from using these HD mods. Just drop this config file into your config folder on the root of SD card and you are all set. ------------------------------------------------------------------- JUST A SIDE NOTE THE OVERCLOCK FILE HAS NO IMPACT ON SXOS.
  4. badman112

    MK11 Update

    its fine i used gold leaf. Wish SXOS had a FW spoofer bvuilt in.
  5. badman112

    MK11 Update

    Using Sxos on FW 7.01 The MK11 16GB update says error failed ticked after it installs. Having no joy here please help. I dont want to update my switch officially.
  6. badman112

    Am I the only one with a copy of Mortal Kombat?

    More and more people got this, hopefully their will be many uploads in the next 48 hours.
  7. badman112

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    Haay guys thanks to a user over at quimms and gbatemp a fixed version with alot of glitches fixed and a mashup of mods. Anyhow make sure you uninstall and reinstall if it dont work right off the bat. This ones suppose to be better than recent posts. [Hidden Content] Make sure to just use blackchocobo to edit your save if you loose your saves or it starts to glitch out.
  8. badman112

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    AGAIN THIS IS NOT MY WORK CREDIT GOES TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HELPED COMPILED AND MADE IT POSSIABLE FOR US TO HACK OUR SWITCHES. [Hidden Content] Original link with all the downloads. How to migrate from SX OS to Atmosphere This short guide will show the basic steps to move from SX OS to Atmosphere, or have them both next to each other. I won't boast it up with images or even videos, since it's mostly only dragging and dropping files around. It's very straightforward and should be done in maybe ten minutes. Why would I want to switch to Atmosphere and what are the ups and downs? Pros: Most up-to-date CFW support for newer Firmwares KIP Support Cons: No XCI Loading No Emunand No USB Loading No installing NSPs from USB media How to set up Atmosphere as an existing SX OS user: Get the latest Atmosphere files (zip and fusee-primary.bin), put the contents of the package and the .bin on the root of your MicroSD Get Sigpatches if wanted (to run unsigned code), put the contents of the package on the root of your MicroSD SX Installer does not work on Atmosphere, so get another title installer like Goldleaf, Tinfoil or Lithium and put it into your \Switch folder Since 0.8.5, Atmosphere supports cheats as well and they are compatible with the format that SX uses. User KuranKu already described what you need to move to make it happen, so have a look at this guide if you need this If you have any XCI files left, you will either have to grab them again as NSPs from your most favourite source or convert them to NSP to install them. Don't install XCIs with SX OS or with Tools like ZeroTwoXCI or n1dus, chances are that they won't work properly on Atmosphere. If you want to convert your XCIs, grab 4NXCI or NSC_Builderand do it on your PC. If you don't have or use the dongle, just use whatever loader you were using before but instead of pushing the SX payload, push the Atmosphere payload If using the SX Dongle, there's two ways to continue now, depending on what you want. If you want to choose between booting SX OS and Atmosphere (recommended setup): If you're still on FW <7.x and SX OS <2.6, you can just launch the Atmosphere payload from the SX OS boot manager (Options, Payloads, Launch). Since 2.6, SX OS won't allow booting Atmosphere directly anymore (it will just blackscreen) and you'll have to work around that fact by putting in Hekate as middle man for that. While you're at it, you might as well just set Hekate up as the Payload that the Reboot to Payload Homebrew boots into, so that you can choose between SX OS and Atmosphere from there in case of rebooting. Get the latest Hekate files and put the contents of the package on the root of your MicroSD Make a copy of the hekate_ctcaer_*.bin Payload, rename it to reboot_payload.bin and put it into the \atmosphere folder, overwriting the existing one. If you use the Reboot to Payload Homebrew, it'll now go into Hekate Get the SX OS Payload, put it into \bootloader\payloads Put the Atmosphere Payload into \bootloader\payloads as well SX OS boot.dat still stays on the root of your MicroSD just as it was before Now if you want to boot Atmosphere, boot SX OS, go to Options, Payloads, Launch, select the Hekate payload and launch Atmosphere from there If you don't want SX OS anymore and just want your dongle to boot into Atmosphere automatically: Utilizing the SX Gear boot.dat (which is just a chainloader), you can force the dongle to boot Atmosphere directly. As with the SX OS boot.dat, it will not launch Atmosphere directly and just blackscreen if you try to, and you'll also have to use Hekate to achieve getting into Atmosphere. Get the SX Gear boot.dat, put that on the root of your microSD Get the latest Hekate files and put the contents of the package on the root of your MicroSD Rename hekate_ctcaer_*.bin on the root of your MicroSD to payload.bin Put the Atmosphere Payload into \bootloader\payloads Navigate to \bootloader and open hekate_ipl.ini with any text editor, change autoboot=0 to autoboot=1 and save the file Now if booting with the dongle, Hekate will start and autoboot Atmosphere An alternative way would be to convert the Atmosphere Payload to a SX Dongle compatible boot.dat with this tool here, but this would require a new conversion everytime the Atmosphere Payload is updated. With the Hekate method, you just replace the Payload on your microSD and keep the existing boot.dat. Note that if updating Hekate files, you have to edit the .ini again. That is basically it. Now when in Atmosphere, launching the album app will open the Homebrew menu and allow you to run Homebrew from there.
  9. badman112

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    In all honesty i did not have a choice because like an idiot i updated the damn switch again.... yes again you think i would have learnt my lesson the last 2 times. Luckily the update came out the day i updated. So far its fine no issues yet. Also i pulled out the memory card and inserted to the laptop then transfered everything with the laptop. Deffiantley update i have had no issues and if you want i can give you a tutorial to dual boot either atmosphere or sxos. You gonna have to use tinfoil method i think.
  10. badman112

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    EDIT: Apparently these mods so far only work with the english version so i have been told. Im guessing hence the same ID. Im on 7.1 OFW and sxos latest beta version from TX site. BTW i manually put the update in from TX and not ran a wifi update. Yes my directory looks like this sxos/title/0000xxxx <-------------- Thats the whole mod file. Im not sure if this matters but i am using the .nsp one and not an .xci one. Are you trying the one with chaOS, NT and OST one as its about 3xxmb because im using that one and so far it works fine.
  11. badman112

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    Yeah they work on sxos just place the already ones in the sxos titles where your cheats go in folder or along side them. The thing about sxos is the layeredfs is broken and Atmosphere does a better job so i wont be surprised if sxos has glitches. Hd remako does work but it has to be down scalled so even getting one graphic to be the wrong size will cause error. Have no worries because their are better ones their and also now testing the full screen battle like ff13 style and all the text speeches. So when thats done i will post them if it works. What we really need is full screen so far some claim to say they got it to stretch so 16.9 not perfect but its a start. Btw i will also in future be covering ff9 mods too.
  12. badman112

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    Just to let everyone know using checkpoint or some memory save backer and extracting the save files from FF7. You can easily use something like blackchocobo save editor that will let you edit to your hearts content if you some how manage to mess your save up or game. Here is the link from another forum [Hidden Content]
  13. badman112

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    Update turns out the remako hd version wont work as good as it should due to the limitations of the switch. Their are other HD overhauls but they also need a bit of conversions so we just going to have to wait. Anyhow here is a ready version of other stuff that again this is as good as your going to get for now a few mods mixed in together. Again just drop it into the right place and it should be good to go. AGAIN THIS IS NOT MY WORK CREDIT IS DUE TO THE PEOPLE WHO HELP US OUT New Threat ChaOS Anxious Heart .ogg OST Extract to atmosphere\titles or sxos\titles. This is for the English version. No idea how to change it for other languages, sorry. [Hidden Content]
  14. badman112

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    A little update their is a Mod called FF7NT the NT meaning New threat here is what it does and i have been told this is ready to just inject where its meant to be as i still have not messed around with it. It works with Atmosphere maybe people on SXOS can dual boot using Hakate (spelling). Some have got it working on SXOS but it always has to do with the location where you put them on the SD card. 100+ new bosses and enemies, with every story boss given a new set of moves and AI -) About 40 or so 'unique' models made for enemies using in-game monster parts; we got a robot dragon in there somewhere -) Quick but rewarding random encounters coupled with longer tougher boss fights -) An Extra Battle added to the Battle Square that's a bit like the Monster Arena in FFX -) Some new thingies like extra save points, merchants, and the option to skip the lengthier cutscenes and flashback sequences to make the game go by a bit smoother -) Extra end-game boss fights to unlock Lv4 Limits and Ultimate Weapons as well as the option to change party leaders from the Operations Room once the party has reached the bottom of North Cave (or North Cavity as the cool kids are saying nowadays) -) Fixed the age-old 'perfect game' dilemma of whether to use the third battery or not BY NO MEANS THIS IS MY WORK CREDIT IS DUE TO THE MOD MAKER AND THE PERSON WHO CONVERTED THIS SO ITS PLAYABLE ON SWITCH PEOPLE HAVE CONFIRMED THIS WORKING BUT NOT FINISHED THE ENTIRE GAME FOR BUGS ECT. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR GAME BUGS GLITCHES MAKE SURE TO BACK UP EVERYTHING. Here below is a link to the converted file shamefully taken off another forum [Hidden Content]