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  1. [Wii] Just Dance 2018 (NTSC-U)

    You're welcome
  2. [Wii] Just Dance 2018 (NTSC-U)

    Confirmation: The NTSC version of the game worked on both the Wii and Dolphin 👍👍👍👌
  3. [Wii] Just Dance 2018 (NTSC-U)

    Guys I've found someone who uploaded the NTSC version of the wbfs! Check it out: His given link: [Hidden Content]
  4. [Wii] Just Dance 2018 (NTSC-U)

    Here's the wbfs of the PAL version. Still can't find the NTSC one. I haven't tested this though. Do tell me if this worked or not. [Hidden Content]
  5. [Tutorial] Bypassing MEGA Download Limit

    Thanks m8!
  6. Just Dance 2018 - Wii

    Came here for the same reason
  7. [MEGA] Top Wii Games | 100+ | NTSC-U | 22/08/2016 UPDATE!

  8. [MEGA] Bayonetta US [Loadiine]

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  10. [WBFS] Metroid Prime Trilogy PAL

  11. [WII] Rodea the sky soldier (NTSC)

    I only find this one available for now. I think you'll have to wait a bit more.