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  1. savememrtako

    Atmosphere with SXOS 2.6 and SX Dongle

    Does anyone know how to lay the files out on the SD card. Following various suggestions online hasn't worked, I have tried some guess work. Best I can get is for it to freeze at the Kosmos splash screen. I am using the Team Xecuter Dongle and SXOS 2.6
  2. savememrtako

    Can you donwgrade a game?

    I'd say that is the best option. Backup your save then reinstall the older version. Your save may or may not work with the older version. If it doesn't you may have to upgrade to get Smash Bros and your save back working. If it's all characters etc you want unlocking, I suspect you may be able to find a dumped save of someone else's you can use.
  3. savememrtako

    Removing Auto RCM After ChoiDuJourNX Updated

    In case anyone wants to know it is safe. Burning fuses is not safe if you are downgrading, but if you have upgraded to a version you had not previously reached you can with 6.2.0 at least remove autoRCM and let the fuses burn.
  4. savememrtako

    Help cant play new Switch games.

    I had it off, but don't believe it matters. Make sure you enable ExFAT when upgrading otherwise you'll have to run the process again.
  5. I had got to 5.1 or 5.2 the normal official way. I have now upgraded to 6.2.0 using ChoiDuJourNX. Am I correct that if I now remove auto RCM it will simply burn the fuses, but carry on working. I'm getting sick of the battery drain and want to disable auto RCM, but want to make sure there's no brick risk? Please can someone advise me? Thank you
  6. savememrtako

    Help cant play new Switch games.

    I was on 5.1 or 5.2 had to go up to 6.2 to get newer games working. Not had any problems on 6.2 yet.
  7. savememrtako

    Anodyne (2/19)

    Thank you. Needed 6.2.0 to run.
  8. Is there any point in updating from 5.1.0? Will I lose any functionality such as Retroarch and any Homebrew apps? What games if any need firmware above 5.1.0 (I know some state they need it, but still run on 5.1.0 with Tinfoil - I mean ones that absolutely won't run on it)?
  9. savememrtako

    Anodyne (2/19)

    Anyone know if this requires a certain firmware. SXOS installs it, but the Switch menu displays a loading icon with no picture. Tinfoil cannot verify the NSP saying the Firmware version may be to low (5.1.0) I have downloaded multiple dumps of this NSP and get the same error. Can't download this one as Google Drive has maxed.