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Everything posted by Arkturos

  1. Arkturos


    I use Kosmos and when its happening to me got the sigpatches pack and droped it in the root of my sd card and all my game got working again. Dont know if it will work with ReinX but he must give a try before reformat is sd card.
  2. Arkturos


    Do you have downloaded Sigpatches ? if not maybe installing them will do something. Happen to me when I update my switch.
  3. Arkturos

    (Solved) Updated to 8.1.0 (Lots of game not launching)

    Dont know if it will work with sxos but you have to download the sigpatches package on the kosmos github and extract them in your sd card.
  4. Hi everyone, so I've updated my switch to 8.1.0 using Choixdujour and using the latest Kosmos. First I wasn't able to pass the switch logo and I figure out this was because my theme. So now I can boot 8.1.0 on atmosphere 0.9.2 but now a lot of my game cant boot because they say they have error but was working flawless on 7.0.1. So if someone know why its happening please let me know I will really appreciate it ! Thanks \m/ (Damn sorry guys I figured it out myself after posting this post ... everything works fine now !)
  5. Arkturos

    Problems after update Mod Kosmos 13.0.2

    the pack from the github Kosmos site
  6. Arkturos

    Stuck on Nintendo Switch Logo (After updating ReinX and FW 8.1.0)

    if you got a theme erase it ... I think it will work
  7. Arkturos

    Problems after update Mod Kosmos 13.0.2

    just download the sigpatches ... everything will works after !
  8. Arkturos


    thx TurboSnail \m/