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Everything posted by Arkturos

  1. Arkturos

    ✅ Timespinner (Eshop)

    thx as usual Cobra \m/
  2. Arkturos

    Project Nimbus Complete Edition (Eshop)

    thx Cobra \m/
  3. Arkturos

    Project Nimbus: Complete Edition

    thx mate \m/
  4. thx mate \m/
  5. Arkturos

    Cuphead + New Update v1.2.4 ** VIDEO PROOF **

    thx as usual Cobra \m/
  6. Arkturos

    New Sdfiles and Goldleaf Problem

    @Crazed Sooo I got time tonight to try to install Kosmos with the additional sigpatch. Dont know if its the new update of Kosmos but with the additional sigpatch installed and the new update everything works flawless. I think it was the additional sigpatch not installed that make my old game crash on Atmosphere. So everything is fine now :) By the way big thanks for you help Crazed ! I really appreciate it !
  7. Arkturos

    New Sdfiles and Goldleaf Problem

    Hi everyone, So ive done all the update of sdfiles since the first one but the new one ... everything boot fine but a lot of my game not working after installing the last update. So reinstalled the one before to get all my game working and its work. If someone know what is the problem please let me know. Second Goldleaf try to install some game update Goldleaf close due an error but the update is installed same for some dlc dont know why so If someone know what is the problem please let me know. Ive try to reinstall it not working Thx guys !
  8. Arkturos

    New Sdfiles and Goldleaf Problem

    @Crazed Ok thanks for all those information. So I will try the new sigpatches because I've not installed them when updating version from an another version but I will try this when I will have the time this week. Thanks again I really appreciate your help ! I will keep you inform when this will be done !
  9. Arkturos

    New Sdfiles and Goldleaf Problem

    Thanks for replying ... So im on 6.2.0 and yes everytime Kosmos have a new update I install it without any problem but now the new one work but a lot of my game wont work anymore like Ys ... Afterbirth+ and other one. Yes Im using Goldleaf 0.5 the installer is very slow on my switch dont know why and when I try to install some dlc or update error pop up but the game update or dlc is installed correctly but Goldleaf crash. So you think that I had to update my switch to 7.0.1 and update Kosmos and I will not have this problem ? Let me know Thanks again @Crazed
  10. Arkturos

    (Google Drive) Turok (Eshop) ** 18/3/2019 **

    thx as always Cobra \m/
  11. Arkturos

    DAEMON X MACHINA Prototype Missions

    thanks works like a charm on 6.2.0 ignoring firmware with the gold
  12. I think its the full version because the game is out today
  13. Arkturos

    Request for Farm Together

    you have better chance of response in the request forum
  14. ok but Iv'e downloaded your Nsp and dlc but when I tried to start the game they said that I had to connected to the internet but your nsp and the Dlc from reikarin give now it's working.
  15. Soo thanks to Johnny for the Nsp and thanks to reikarin for the dlc ... now everything work but like reikarin said a notification bug when you start the game but the game run like a charm. Fmw 6.2.0 Atmosphere 0.8.3 Thanks guys
  16. Arkturos

    Help! Did something and now nothing works! :(

    Yeah it may work because if your save game is from an .nsp and you've downloaded the game after from eshop maybe the save game is corrupted.
  17. Arkturos

    Help! Did something and now nothing works! :(

    Sooo if i'm right you had the .nsp of the game but the game have a lot of bugs so you bought it on eshop and now your switch is in 7.0.0 and the game won't work. It's weird very weird because the game run perfectly on my 6.1 ... maybe if you do a reset of your switch it will work. You have nothing to lose but if your switch is in 7.0.0 homebrew don't work from now on so if you do a reset to see if it works you will lose all your save game because checkpoint will not work :/ Really don't have any clue about this but reset may be work ! Good luck