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  1. Thanks for leak
  2. tanks for fri geim
  3. SwitchHax0r

    [NSP] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

    Where did you get the original cartridge from? chinese forum? DM me
  4. SwitchHax0r


    Join here and read [Hidden Content]
  5. SwitchHax0r

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

    Nothing, the sentence ended there download nsc_builder, that being said: JUST UPDATE TO 6.2, THERES NO REASON NOT TO UPDATE
  6. SwitchHax0r

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

    Unless you patch it for 5.1
  7. SwitchHax0r

    super Smash bros Ultimate NSP Switch

    Thanks [Hidden Content]
  8. SwitchHax0r

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

  9. SwitchHax0r

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

    Update to SX OS 2.4.1
  10. SwitchHax0r

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

    update to 6.2.0
  11. SwitchHax0r

    [GDrive] Super Rocket Shootout

    #downloads channel here [Hidden Content]
  12. SwitchHax0r

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

  13. SwitchHax0r

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

    What firmware
  14. SwitchHax0r

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

    Just updaet to 6.2.0 man NSC Builder is hit and miss