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  1. Leurette

    Thread unavailable

    hi, did you take out the file? cuz it is saying "this upload does not exist"
  2. Leurette

    Help hehe

    hello fellow gamers, do i need to update my firmware to 9.0 to be able to play latest releases lke loz: links awakening, untitled goose game etc? cuz i installed those on my switch 7.0.1 atmosphere 9.0.1 and when i opened the app it says error on running the application. HELP PLS T.T 😢
  3. Leurette

    Some NSP title can't install

    hahah its not happening.. cant convert it to nsp,using 4nxci ver. 4.0.2. nothing happened. then i tried installing it directly to the switch with zerotwoxci.nro and the file doesnt show up on tinfoil. sooooo frustrating hhaha, im so stressed out
  4. Leurette

    Some NSP title can't install

    tnx i will try it right away
  5. Leurette

    Some NSP title can't install

    hi guys i need help, im using kosmos/atmosphere on switch 7.0.1 and tinfoil 1.0, i also have goldleaf. i tried installing games on it like grand prix and hard west and it worked for me, but when i tried with some others like yoshi and portia and it says "NCA signature verification error"!! can anybody tell me pls what is going on here? im a little lost and confused, dont know how to fix this. BIG THANKS!!
  6. here is my first theme for the switch, hope you like it [Hidden Content]