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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles Wii U Virtual Console

    pls put the Xenoblade folder with my tik file into the INSTALL folder Download WUPINSTALLER MOD and put it in your apps folder on the SD card go to loadiine.ovh and start Homebrew Launcher start WUPINSTALLER and install Xenoblade start SIGPATCHER an it will bring you back to WII U start screen Xenoblade game should be there, just start it Please try and give me some feedback
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles Wii U Virtual Console

    ok, since wiiutitlekeys is down we have to do some extra steps: 1) get nusgrabber from here: [Hidden Content] 2) get title.tik from here: [Hidden Content] 3) open dos prompt (cmd) and change to directory where you unpacked nusgrabber tool 4) enter this: nusgrabber 000500001019D800 5) wait for the download to finish (+6GB) 6) copy title.tik to the folder where nusgrabber downloaded Xenoblade 7) copy Xenoblade folder to SD card, folder INSTALL as usual 8) grab sigpatcher from here and put in into apps folder of your SD card: [Hidden Content] 9) put SD card into Wii U and start HBL -> start sigpatcher app and you will be thrown back to sysmenu after a few moments 10) start HBL again and install Xenoblade game the usual way using Wupinstaller 11) after install is done exit HBL and get back to wiiu start screen 12) play 13) beat the game!
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles Wii U Virtual Console

    Please advise if you prefer EUR or USA version of the Virtual Console Xenoblade and I will guide you.
  4. [MF] F_GOD's Injects

    thank you
  5. [MF/MEGA] New Super Mario Bros. PC