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  1. [hide][Hidden Content]] Follow us on [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Like and share for more content
  2. Game + Update [hide][Hidden Content]] Follow us on [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Like and share for more content
  3. yeah but for unlock hidden ablitys or skills or super souls dont know how to name it you need to increase the friendship level with the mentors, and for the tp medals you need to go a shop in the center area there is a shop that sells items only with tp medals you can claim your tp medals here
  4. yep, i deleted my game and dlc from my console and used these files to re install all the content and works everything fine, but i find a extra files on my pc maybe those files works for you, and sorry yesterdar was my day off and the site is a little laggy DLC UNLOCKER extra files Added, maybe these files works with some content issues
  5. the update 1.13 gives us the free content, if u dont install the ultra pack 1 and 2 the extra characters and the missions dont appear. The new content works for you?
  6. yeah i have the same error a few updates before, but dont worry install the dlc that disappeared with goldleaf and the characters and content works again Edit: the dlc6 extra pack 2 is for jiren and goku ultra instinct
  7. let me upload a extra file dlc unlocker maybe this works for you and i share my save if u wanna try but i dont think the level was the problem 😑
  8. you need the update and install the ultra pack 1 and 2 dlcs to unlock the new missions