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  1. Crazed

    Transfer savegames from orig to cfw switch

    Well there is also PKHex if you wanna at least get the Pokémon you already have.
  2. Crazed

    Transfer savegames from orig to cfw switch

    The first bullet under Important says you can never unlink the account unless you delete it. Nintendo revised their options in Sept. 2018 for 6.1+ firmwares so people can't unlink their accounts from their Switch anymore. However, I heard stories of people calling Nintendo, verifying their identity, and claiming their Switch was stolen/broken in order to make an exception on that though. Nintendo then deactivates the old Switch and asks you to remove it as your primary console from your Nintendo account online. What happens when that PokeSwitch goes online with a new account? I have no idea. Maybe you could say you sold it? Best thing I guess you could do is call Nintendo for more info about what happens to your linked account if you want to sell your Switch.. But normally, no, you can't remove a linked account from a Switch to use a new one unless it is 100% deleted (RIP saves and purchases if that is done).
  3. Crazed

    Transfer savegames from orig to cfw switch

    So I guess you will need to first link your Nintendo account to NormieSwitch (hopefully you haven't hacked it yet? otherwise, RIP saves), subscribe to Nintendo Cloud Services on PokeSwitch and NormieSwitch, upload your saves from PokeSwitch, and then download your saves to NormieSwitch. After that, never go online again with NormieSwitch after you hack it, because your brother will get banned along with you, since he is also using your dually linked Nintendo account. Found a good guide here: [Hidden Content] This has more enlightening info:
  4. Wow, do you sleep? Ahaha! What a machine. Such dedication.
  5. Take care of your self..hope you feel better soon and nothing serious.. Having my own hospital visit in a couple days..
  6. Crazed

    Switch Firmware 6.20 cracked!

    Most people agree that there is no reason to be on <6.2.
  7. Like I said, Google brings them up easy. No need to download anything from this thread because it's all easy to find on Google that will lead people straight to the home sites. Google - Darth firmware Google - switchtools ChoiDuJour I just like teaching people how to do what they need to get what they want straight from the source. That way they don't have to keep unnecessarily going to a thread and asking the same questions over and over when a link goes down, or when the OP is unable to keep a topic updated. Anyways, my work here is done, cya~
  8. Can you upload the P3 no voice patch please? All I see is the P5 patch on both of them.. Also appreciate translations.
  9. Crazed

    Alittle idea that might inspire others

    Umm, I mostly was recommending that it be posted in the tutorial since it was rather empty with zero links or resources provided with it. At the same time I was trying to bring to light a topic that I thought was a good idea (that was sinking to the bottom of the topics) by showing interest in it. But uh, thanks...? Thanks for literally murdering my posting enthusiasm.. *sigh*
  10. No. Newest updates contain all needed update data!
  11. Heard this doesn't work always.