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  1. NSP or XCI, can't seem to find this anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  2. brnz

    [RELEASE] Goldleaf 0.6.1

    I was about to post here regarding this issue, thanks for updating the thread with good information.
  3. looks like the game is releasing today, if any uploader is aware maybe we could get it on the NSP section [Hidden Content]
  4. I'm on SX OS 2.6.2 and tried to include the cheats, did the steps described on the OT but when I go to the "Select Cheats" with the game running, it says "no cheats found for this game!", any idea what could be wrong?
  5. Looking for the latest update for Dragon Ball FighterZ with the small bug fixes and an working latest update for Horizon Chase Turbo, since the one scene released breaks the game. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ok so after installing 6.2.0 OFW everything worked fine. 6.0 was holding it back no matter what I've tried (SX installer, NSCBuilder, Goldleaf / Tinfoil), funny thing is captain toad latest patch and dlc worked fine under 6.0 without any errors.
  7. Didn't worked for me using the latest SX installer, SX OS 2.5.3 OFW 6.0, main game downloaded from this thread works without the update. Got an error after the Nintendo Switch logo on startup. Tried to work around it patching FW requirements with NSC Builder with no success too, but I guess it's useless since we don't have access to OFW 7.0 keys, right?
  8. Greetings, I'm looking for Ikaruga patch 1.02, can't find it anywhere on the web, thanks in advance if someone could share it here!