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  1. Her Majesty's SPIFFING v65536 Sally's Law v196608 Wasteland 2: Director's Cut v65536 Drowning v? (recently made a new Emunand from I sysnand I go online with and now the console asks for an update, but for some reason the game doesn't even show up where I check for update numbers...)
  2. nanty

    Confusion with EmuNand

    Depends on what you want or need. Do you want to play your legally bought games online? Or do you want to keep your system at the lowest firmware to wait for a coldboot hack in the future? You can update the firmware with choidujournx. Or if you haven't hacked your switch yet and don't want to wait for a coldboot you can just update it over wifi.
  3. nanty

    Smoke and sacrifice

    It's in several of the of pinned posts... Linked one of them.
  4. nanty

    Updating SX OS

    Yup, that is exactly how it works. Replace the boot.dat on your sd. And update emunand using choidujournx.
  5. nanty

    Switch Media Player (pPlay)

    There is a new release out with a lot of bug fixes. [Hidden Content]
  6. nanty

    REQUST: Unravel Two

  7. nanty

    FW 7.0.1 - rcm is not working

    Ok so we know it is turning off. That is good! I highly doubt nintendo can change anything about the ability of consoles going into rcm by updating the firmware. And even if they did, there would be way more people with the same problem. (Including me, because I have updated too.) For me I think the logo always showed up as fast as this, but I am not sure, never paid too much attention. I am going going to list literally anything I can think of including some super obvious stuff. But hey if I can spent half a day freaking out that my phone doesn't charge and thinking my charging port is broken before checking if I have actually plugged the charger into wall outlet then stuff like that has to happen to other people too sometimes. Does the Volume button work? Test it when the console is switched on. Not just once but a bunch of testing, maybe the button doesn't consistently stay pressed. Trying to boot into recovery mode can be a good way to test the volume buttons. You need to press the vol-, vol+ and power button, do not let go of the volume buttons during the time all the logos show up! If you end up going to a menu with "update system", "restore factory settings" and so on then you got into the recovery mode, if you end up at the start screen you either let go of a volume button or the volume buttons don't work properly. Are you accidentally pressing Volume- ? I did a bunch of times... Take a look at the jig and find a picture of it online, compare how the metal pins look. If they are bent the jig will not connect correctly and not work. Sometimes over time the metal will get pushed deeper into the plastic and then also not connect correctly anymore. Does the jig go all the way down in the right joycon rail? If you shine a flashlight into your right joycon rail how do the pins look, is anything bent or discolored or anything like that? Test if the cable you use for connecting to the computer works. If you plug it into your switch and plug it into the computer does the switch show up? When trying to go into rcm by using a cable connected to a computer first connect the switch &computer, then press the power button for 20 seconds to turn the switch off and only after that try to enter rcm. Connecting to a power source makes the switch turn on. Some dongles need to be charged. I can't think of anything else...
  8. nanty

    FW 7.0.1 - rcm is not working

    Hmm I think first thing would be to figure out if the switch is turning off or only going into sleep mode. If it only goes into sleep mode then it makes sense that it can't go into rcm. What does the screen show exactly when you try to enter rcm after you had it turned off? Does it show the screen where you can press any button to unlock the switch? That means it is only waking up from sleep mode. In that case you can try pressing the power button for even longer to try to actually turn if off for real. Or does it show a nintendo logo in white on black, then a switch logo in white on black and then the screen where you press a button to unlock it? That means it was turned off and booted into ofw. In this case I don't really have any idea why you can't get into rcm...
  9. nanty

    after sx installer i have .....

    Go to settings (the gear icon), then to data management, then software. The blank icon should be there in the list somewhere, you might have to scroll down a lot. Delete it from there.
  10. nanty

    Fractured Minds

    This was released last week on the US, Canada and Mexico eShop and sounds pretty darn interesting. "An immersive & provocative story/puzzle game that exposes the daily struggles of people living with anxiety and other (often misunderstood) mental health issues." The Designer: Emily Mitchell, aged 18: "Fractured Minds is an immersive puzzle game that uncovers the daily struggles of people living with anxiety or any mental health issue. It is designed to give the player a genuine insight into the experiences of those quietly living with mental illness – the feelings of isolation, of being trapped, of everyday situations being distorted beyond recognition. The game has multiple puzzles for the player to solve with an interwoven storyline. The player uses the WASD keys to move around and must work out how to move on to the next level - this usually entails solving mini puzzles or collecting certain objects to open the door. Each level symbolises a different emotion or experience associated with anxiety/mental illness. I realise the game is provocative and at times uncomfortable – but I felt that it was so important to be honest and true-to-life – confronting mental illness is extremely challenging and uncomfortable."
  11. You are waaaaaay early. It comes out on the 12th of July.
  12. No, it does support having sysnand on 7.0 and the hiddenpartition emunand on a lower fw. But a different emunand on lower fw, or emunand on 7.0 or using cfw on sysnand with 7.0 is not supported yet. It took them a bit longer than other cfw last time too. Last time it was 2 days I think. So personally I am kinda expecting them to update some time this weekend or early next week. (but obviously it could be earlier or later)
  13. Only thing I can think of is to make a nand backup, then use cfw, backup the save, revert to the nand backup. I think I read about some way to extract saves from a nand backup but if I remember correctly that's kinda tricky or something... not sure... But either thing only works if the switch isn't patched and isn't on 7.0 fw.
  14. Try literally any of the pinned posts. Then try the search function ([Hidden Content]) and if it's offline everywhere then try the request section ([Hidden Content])
  15. they are in the link. works for me thank you!