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  1. No, it does support having sysnand on 7.0 and the hiddenpartition emunand on a lower fw. But a different emunand on lower fw, or emunand on 7.0 or using cfw on sysnand with 7.0 is not supported yet. It took them a bit longer than other cfw last time too. Last time it was 2 days I think. So personally I am kinda expecting them to update some time this weekend or early next week. (but obviously it could be earlier or later)
  2. Only thing I can think of is to make a nand backup, then use cfw, backup the save, revert to the nand backup. I think I read about some way to extract saves from a nand backup but if I remember correctly that's kinda tricky or something... not sure... But either thing only works if the switch isn't patched and isn't on 7.0 fw.
  3. Try literally any of the pinned posts. Then try the search function ([Hidden Content]) and if it's offline everywhere then try the request section ([Hidden Content])
  4. they are in the link. works for me thank you!
  5. nanty

    Help! Did something and now nothing works! :(

    if you installed a nsp and then install the legit game that can break it. when you install anything it saves a ticket on your switch. so when you installed the nsp it installed the ticket for it. but now you installed the eshop version. but since the old fake ticket does not get deleted when you delete a game, that old ticket is still checked when you start the game. but that ticket is wrong for your eshop game so you get an error. you have to install a homebrew that lets you delete tickets. then you can download the game again. also you should do that FAST. because you will probably get banned now that you went online after installing nsp.
  6. nanty

    [NS] Compilation of Xecuter SX OS / PRO Q & A faq

    yes. BUT only if you use emunand for any homebrew, nsp, mods or themes. if your sysnand is clean then you can go online with it as much as you want, buy games, download updates, whatever.
  7. nanty


    I only know of one that works.
  8. uff something from 19 hours ago is old news? I mean people say the world of technology moves very fast but I think not quite that fast...
  9. Personally I think it would be very good to have new stuff added every once in a while.
  10. Are you for real? Links in the first post. It has 1355 games. Literally 90% of anything you could be looking for is in the links in the first post.
  11. It's in the links in the first post...
  12. same for me
  13. Download the rar file from any filehoster. The last 3 links are 3 different file hosters. The rar file is the same on all 3 file hosters. Open the rar file. Open the rar file inside it. And there you find the nsp file.
  14. nanty

    [Theme Request] Sorting

    Not to my knowledge. I would love folders or at least the ability to sort alphabetically or something like that.
  15. Palm Reading Premium was dumped.