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  1. thank you for this upload. the ffvii cc working great
  2. greenskull

    [RELEASE] RetroArch Switch NIghtly 2019-04-29

    does it works on sxos, 8.0.1, exfat?
  3. greenskull

    *NEW* The Upside Down (Fully animated Theme)

    love to theme, one my favorite :D:D. i just not getting to select more games only the four that show up on the screen. not seeing the more software button. i am running sxos 2.6.2 and system 7.0.1
  4. greenskull

    *NEW* Bebop (Fully Animated Release)

    brilliantly done, Thank you for this, great theme one the best i seen so far
  5. greenskull

    Halo, Master Chief Theme

    thank you so so so so much, keep up the good work
  6. greenskull

    [SX OS Theme] Yoshi’s Crafted World

    hey any pic would do once its halo and master chief thank you
  7. greenskull

    [SX OS Theme] Yoshi’s Crafted World

    well done thank you, keep up the good work. can i request a halo, master chief theme Please
  8. greenskull

    Let's Go Mew

    wow it worked thank you. i am using sxos anyway to get other pokemon like this ??