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  1. what does not work? did you download the nsp?
  2. the only release was dumped (XCI) is : Naruto_Shippuden_Ultimate_Ninja_Storm_Trilogy_JPN_NSW-HR but if you want to download by CDSNP (nsp file)yout need this : 0100ec800800c000|490e631bccd3f04ef5f6d3f3c0e48d10|NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Trilogy
  3. emulation

    [Request] Gear_Club_Unlimited_JPN_NSW-HR

    Here you'll find the game: [Hidden Content]
  4. emulation

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    maybe you don't need my upload [Hidden Content]
  5. emulation

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    Soon 1 hour i think... so... maybe more... only one thing... you need to be quick... because i put the link here for an hour and after that i will delete it from here...
  6. emulation

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    i don't have a license to SOX so i can't test it... i'm uploading to mega...
  7. emulation

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    yes i know how to do that... i'm still waiting.... [Hidden Content]
  8. emulation

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    the game needs 5.x.x i got an xci but it have the original cert so its not good to share it...