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  1. NEKOPARA Vol.1 title id: 0100b4900ad3e000 title key: ea6364f2d1f6dba71034bf0152b4baa6
  2. Here it is a list with many commands ready to go. (Just copy the game u want and past on your cmd) -> list_here And here it is the -> CDNSP updated (for this tutorial)
  3. sonic mania title id: 01009aa000faa000 titlekey: 4bff1f89fd492dac57fd903bbc53b322 A Good place with title ids and title keys -> [Hidden Content]
  4. lordhellbr

    [MEGA] WiiU Tickets (modded and unmodded)

  5. Thank you for the super mario maker USA, i was looking like a crazy =D
  6. lordhellbr

    ZombiU USA WiiU FAKE

  7. lordhellbr

    Tank! Tank! Tank! USA WiiU FAKE - WUD