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  1. lordhellbr

    [1F] GRIS eShop NSW VENOM + UPD

    Thank you, installed base+update on firm 6.1.0 on SX OS 2.3 with tinfoil ignoring firmware version. But even with update installed, when i look the game info on switch it's shows as version 1.0.0 HASH UPDATE: CRC32: E7A70F24 MD5: 2EFF03D181D4E5BE6F26FC819BC5FFE6 SHA-1: 8C7C58127AB0D9B7BCD86B82BBE3D3F7D4E9275B HASH BASE GAME: CRC32: C993FC8E MD5: 4290A892233E345F9B4E55777683BC63 SHA-1: B146894099C8230541A9A61B48BD274E03D622EB
  2. the update patched 6.x wont install (im on 6.1.0 - using sx os 2.2.3)
  3. lordhellbr

    Banned switch update nsp

    I did this, using sx os 2.0.1 with choidujournx in 5.1.0 to update for 6.0.0 and everything worked great. Im using autorcm in case i wanna Go back and downgrade
  4. lordhellbr

    [REQUEST] Rise and Shine nsp

    FINNALY! Thanks for the heads up. Also here it's key: 010065b00b0ec0000000000000000005|a7eecfe331858b7b7e1c240a71a5d240|Rise and Shine
  5. lordhellbr

    [REQUEST] Rise and Shine nsp

    Good news, a hero from a discord bought and will dump the key soon.
  6. lordhellbr

    [REQUEST] Rise and Shine nsp

    If i see or find the titlekey i'll send to you.... could you at least upload the nsx file here?
  7. Towerfall working great here... SX OS v1.9 and Switch on 5.1.0.
  8. lordhellbr

    [REQUEST] Rise and Shine nsp

    wanting this one too, someone plzzz!
  9. NEKOPARA Vol.1 title id: 0100b4900ad3e000 title key: ea6364f2d1f6dba71034bf0152b4baa6
  10. Here it is a list with many commands ready to go. (Just copy the game u want and past on your cmd) -> list_here And here it is the -> CDNSP updated (for this tutorial)
  11. sonic mania title id: 01009aa000faa000 titlekey: 4bff1f89fd492dac57fd903bbc53b322 A Good place with title ids and title keys -> [Hidden Content]