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  1. TerraFlareKSFL

    (Google Drive) Dragon Ball Fighter Z ( XCI + NSP )

    Yes everyone the game plays on 5.1.0
  2. TerraFlareKSFL

    [GD/1F] Senran Kagura Reflexions [NSP+DLC]

    How many dlcs do you have? On CDNSP, all I see is 1 for eur/usa & 8 for jap.
  3. Cool thank you! Downloading now. Any chance of the XCI ver to have the english patch?
  4. TerraFlareKSFL

    [REQUEST] Xenoblade 2 torna the golden country xci

    Almost 10am here. Surprised no one has yet to release the NSP dlc and 2.0.0 update.
  5. I guess the GUI is "dead" atm because even with new cert, it still won't update the game list via button. It doesn't even add Blade Strangers unless u add the game manually via titlekey txt file.
  6. Just checked. None of them say 1.5.2 Latest one I see is from July.
  7. TerraFlareKSFL

    [Request] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 update v1.52 nsp

    I'm surprised no one has uploaded the latest update + dlc update yet o.o Hopefully, they are uploaded soon.
  8. Will Xenoblade 2 files be updated soon? Because of the release of new update and, maybe new versions, of dlc files.
  9. Indeed weird considering new games like Blade Strangers just got leaked early and yet pressing the update titlekey button does not include it on the list.
  10. "The database server (insert url here) might be down or unavailable" Is this normal? Never got this popup before. And yes, I do have the new Cert.
  11. Wish I could, but can't. Was just simply letting everyone know that the current Cert doesn't work anymore. Wasn't rushing, because I know the whole Cert process takes time.
  12. I'm getting a Cert error. Seems it got banned or just doesn't work anymore. Needs a new one.