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  1. TerraFlareKSFL

    dragon ball fighterz ALL DLC 1link

    Oh ok. I'll just update to that then while still not burning fuses. Thank you, my friend.
  2. TerraFlareKSFL

    dragon ball fighterz ALL DLC 1link

    Can anyone tell me what FW the latest 1.02 update requires? Is it 6.0.1?
  3. Sorry for late reply and thank you. Sadly, after installing, the console is asking me to update the FW in order to play the game. What FW did the latest DragonBallFighterz update 1.02 require? I'm on 6.0.0 with non-burned fuses.
  4. TerraFlareKSFL

    It's safe play Smash??

    For me, it's been safe since the day it got leaked super early. You just have to get the nsp or xci game file from a well trusted uploader.
  5. All pics I've seen are only of the main menu. No videos whatsoever of booting up cfw, selecting game to boot it up, seeing title screen and then seeing gameplay. I'll wait for a legit person to check this out because it's quite suspicious.
  6. All DLCs (All of the female characters) for NA version of Senran Kagura Reflection??? It's been months now and you still haven't gotten them...
  7. Wow you were indeed worth the wait Thank you! Downloading from your site, but I'll still drop a Like.
  8. I asume that both XCIs are just the NSP converted into XCI???
  9. Is the XCI legit or is it just the nsp file converted into xci???
  10. Oh well. I updated console to 6.0.0 with ChoiDujourNX since I used SX pro and idk if Tinfoil is supported. Now game plays.
  11. I guess WoFFM isn't playable on 5.1.0 ofw It keeps askin me to update my console.
  12. TerraFlareKSFL


    I request this as well!
  13. My friend, thank you for the links! Does the game update need 6.0.0/6.0.1?