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  1. TerraFlareKSFL

    [Request] A hat in time

    Here's hoping its out in english eshop and doesnt take all day to be available x_X
  2. What are the patch notes for that uodate, if there are any?
  3. I see x.x idk why but when selecting game via SXmenu, it gives me a Cart error and wont even load the game icon onto my main switch screen. My sx version is 2.9.2 And cfw on switch is 8.1.0. Idk what causes the error. I downloaded all 3 parts of the custom xci, unrar it into 1 file, put in sd and no matter what, selecting game just gives me error. "The game card could not be read".
  4. Is the custom XCI already fused with the VENOM update? Yesterday I downloaded all 3 parts of custom xci, selected the game but all I get is a Cart error x.x
  5. Thank you :3 Can you kindly convert them into XCI and add them to GoogleDrive?
  6. TerraFlareKSFL

    Resident Evil 5 and 6 demos

    I guess because of the bad performance of the demos, no one wants to bother uploading them x.x this sucks...
  7. TerraFlareKSFL

    The Witcher Wild Hunt

    Quite surprised its not leaked yet 😕 early copies are all over the place.
  8. TerraFlareKSFL

    Resident Evil 5 and 6 demos

    The demos have been out for hours (Noticed alot of YT videos on gameplay). Idk why no ones uploaded the demos yet. They are demo aka FREE 😕 DQ11S demo was uploaded. Ori and the blind forest demo was uploaded. The release date of demos was yesterday, so why are the demos taking so long?
  9. Thanks turbo. I too got excited til saw it was Japanese only, but il still play it. In case anyone is wondering, the NA version releases 11/08/19.
  10. TerraFlareKSFL

    Cardfight Vanguard EX fan translation

    Im still hoping for an english patch/mod fan translation.
  11. Both XCI links give me error 404.
  12. Forgot that atm its Japanese only atm x_X still, thank you Turbo :3