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  1. I really hate that bayonetta 1 is taking up so much space x_x can we use a small game, like "Retro City Rampage DX"?? Are there any steps to follow so I can change bayonetta for another smaller game?
  2. Can I use NSP of Pokemon Quest to have access to DevMenu? I don't want to risk a ban by going online on my console.
  3. No I never got that error. I downloaded your files and installed them but none of the games detect the dlc at all. As I said b4 in an example, one of the BoTW DLC is over 1GB big but your 2 dlc files are both only 92KB meaning they are incomplete. You probably downloaded them from the GUI; which currently has a problem in downloading DLC 100% completely.
  4. Most of the DLCs on your links still don't work. Example, the BOTW expansion pass (2 DLC files) in total are 1.29GB and 91.6KB, but both ur DLC files are both 92KB and the 92KB version do NOT work. Plus both dlc names that I got from your links end with "v0" when I downloaded. You need to fix all of your DLCs please, because if you are using the GUI to download all the DLCs, atm it doesn't download the DLC 100% correctly. it downloads them imcomplete. BUT the GUI's creator is looking for a solution tho.
  5. You are my Hero! Thank you for sharing the DLC! The gui downloader was giving me empty dlc files and was driving me nuts qwq You are a life saver!
  6. @[email protected]; I tried that. Idk what im doing wrong. Guess I'll wait for the GUI to be updated for better DLC support, because all I get is v0 on the dlc name.
  7. I tested the BoTW DLCs. They make the game ask me to update the game, even tho game is already 1.5.0, so your DLC files are not 100% working because I don't have access to DLCs in the game itself. I had same problem when I tried to downloaded them. They came out the same way x.x
  8. I have this exact same problem with all DLCs I tried to download. They all come out with "v0" at the end. How can I fix this problem?
  9. I was working fine for me hours ago. Now it just won't download anything. "Request rejected by server. check your cert". "Check your titleID, titlekey and version" Hope it's resolved soon This is an amazing tool. Quick and easy to understand
  10. [MEGA] Switch Games Collection | Update: 5/22

    Um Mario Kart and Mario Odyssey are dead link. Please reupload to MEGA again.
  11. Just Dance 4 USA WiiU VENOM - WUD

    Um game no longer in MEGA link :/
  12. [VC-N64] Own injects with Meta folders (Loadiine Ready)

    Greetings. When will you be adding Pokemon Snap to your first page?