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    -arcade machines and nintendo consoles and games
    -Go there to have all my eshop covers :

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  1. canNOT download ! edit : i download it from discord , no shitty ads
  2. mitcha

    SEGA AGES Out Run NSP Switch

    thanks for shari,g , a real classic sega game
  3. thanks for sharing what clover.nro and laines.nro are for ? are they mounted/launched automaticly when we run the nes.nsp
  4. mitcha


    cant extract , bad password thanks
  5. perhaps a mistake : harry potter colection GD link is a One Drive link . thanks you
  6. you have a problem ! its down for me in 30minutes. thanks a lot OP
  7. mitcha

    (Google Drive) The Swindle | Chasm

    hi , it would be great to add the covers/pictures of the game , just for a good presentation. just my opinion and thanks for your contribution for the community of sharing.
  8. needs more people ,cuz 92 % mean nothing if only 10 ppl votes.
  9. mitcha


    is there the update with this UP
  10. a good oldies like game , thanks for sharing it on a good server. edit : @xzilax , if you can add to the op a good picture of the game , just for a good presentation
  11. ok, i tryed more dumps for capcom bundle but same thing , dosen't install for me. 4.1.0
  12. it works now , i just reboot the switch. metal slug , shock troopers...
  13. thanks for that but i can't install it with tinfoil , other game do. it give me error "bad dump..." or fs_mitm to delete , so i delete it but same result badly. im on 4.1.0 with latest hekate , atmosphere. any idea
  14. mitcha

    [SO] Retimed eShop NSW - SUXXORS

    good game but there is limitation speed at 100ko/s