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  1. oops my bad
  2. NSP google drive [Hidden Content], Earth Axe Set : [Hidden Content], Fox Weapon Set : [Hidden Content], Momotaro's Kibi Dumpling Set :[Hidden Content] Ookami Siblings Treasure Set : Gdrive , True Three Sacred Treasures Set : Gdrive , Uzume's Dancer Set : Gdrive ,
  3. XCI files [hide][Hidden Content]] Link 2 [hide][Hidden Content]] NSP File [hide][Hidden Content]] link 2 [hide][Hidden Content]] UPDATE nsp file [hide][Hidden Content]] xci 31072 file [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Khoa_D

    Bastion RPG NSP Switch

    it is fix now
  5. Khoa_D

    Daggerhood switch, nsp

    [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. [hide] [Hidden Content] update [Hidden Content]]
  7. [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  8. [hide][Hidden Content] update [Hidden Content]]
  9. [hide] [Hidden Content] update [Hidden Content]]
  10. [hide][Hidden Content] update [Hidden Content] dlc [Hidden Content]]
  11. [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  12. [hide] [Hidden Content] update [Hidden Content] dlc [Hidden Content]]
  13. Khoa_D

    Bastion RPG NSP Switch

    [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  15. which dlc does not work?