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  1. Up this question. Thanks for the upload Turbo! No Atelier Ryza yet?
  2. Got it to work by using Tinfoil 5.0 on SX OS 2.8, thanks! Didn't know you can bypass FW req.
  3. The release note is just the summarize the game and didn't mention anything about the patch. Anyways updating or not, great release as always cobra! Looking forward for the Atelier Ryza release! Using SX os thou, how can I do that?
  4. What's included with the update anyway? I heard SX 2.9+ is still buggy and wouldn't like to update yet.
  5. Got to play the base game with 8.1 but after installing the update it asked me to update the FW, will I get to play the update after the ofc release day without updating (that happened to me with FE3H) to do i have to update to 9.0?