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  1. tabnk

    [SO] Legendary Fishing NSW - VENOM

    Actually [Hidden Content]# quite a good paycheck for uploader. The System is based on a simple replicable allocation of points. It follows the concept of banner advertisements where an affiliate is payed for instance “per view”, in this case a “view” is a completed download of a file from the service (the smallest counted file size is 10 MB – 10 Mega Bytes). The participation at this system includes the following rules: - a freebie user of the service is able to create 6 points per hour (equal to 6 completed downloads) - a premium user of the service can create 2 points per hour (equal to 2 completed downloads) Differences to other systems (added after a lot of support requests for this topic): - there is no 24 hour limitation for an IP address for a started (and may be never completed) download - premium users are able to create and give points The worth of a points depends and the own points multiplier which is visible to every user at the profile page. 1000 Downloads a value of 1.00 Euro at a multiplier of 1.0 and a value of 2.50 Euro for a multiplier of 2.5. The multiplier changes time by time. Existing points are recalculated to the new multiplier without any loss of a cent. New downloads are from this second based on the new multiplier. Points are additionally applied by the file size of a completely downloaded file: 10-100MB = 1 valid Download = 1 Point 100-1000MB = 1 valid Download = 2 Points
  2. I’m didn’t install Japanese voice DLC. MAYBE that the reason torna didn’t work.
  3. Tried tinfoil but still hang at New Game. I’m shall wait for XCI release than.
  4. Ok, One last try otherwise I will wait for XCI release next week Also will try [Hidden Content] this time.
  5. Been using SXOS installer. Already deleted whole game and reinstalled update and DLC. Never try tinfoil.
  6. Reinstalled the base game, update the game by internet (it should install all update) and than install torna DLC. Still not working Never mind. Wait for Standalone XCI next week than.
  7. Install base game, install update 2.0 than torna DLC. Total of files only. What else needed?
  8. Reinstalled everything DLC and update. Still stuck at Torna New Game screen. Don’t know why !!