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  1. 应该是有中文的。记得安装V1.0.1 Update.nsp notes: install this patch to enable you to use Ko and Zh langs in the game
  2. KnightMars

    Stuck on Nintendo Switch Logo (After updating ReinX and FW 8.1.0)

    any update on this matter?
  3. Sorry, in google drive i cant find the NSP file [A.O.T. 2 [EUR][0100F6C00641C800][v1.0.11][v720896] (2.4GB)], uploading?
  4. for your case, atmosphere sig-patches for fw8.0.1 is needed. [Hidden Content]
  5. KnightMars

    Need help with 8.0.1

    You need a FAT32 SD card to solve it
  6. Thanks in advance! the game has been released on eshop, link below: [Hidden Content]
  7. Please provide more details
  8. KnightMars

    Switch returns to RCM after i injects the payload

    Source: [Hidden Content] The Switch uses a common anti-downgrade technique that utilizes microscopic (ie. cannot be replaced) fuses built into the CPU. When you turn on your Switch through regular means, the firmware performs a fuse check: The firmware will first check for how many fuses are burnt If there are less fuses burnt than the firmware version expects, it will burn up fuses up to as many as it expects and reboot. If there are exactly enough fuses burnt as the firmware expects, it will allow the Switch to load If there are too many fuses burnt, your Switch will shutdown, not allowing the firmware to boot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After you upgrade/downgrade the firmware some fuses are burnt (if you didnt use the correct method), then NS will boot & activate the Auto RCM, and its risky if you disable the Auto RCM = fuse check is not bypassed). based on your statement "Switch returns to RCM after i injects the payload" please double check & make sure you're using the latest payload file.
  9. September for Eng Version July for Chinese Version
  10. KnightMars

    My switch doesnt read my micro SD card

    get a FAT32 format SD card, (32GB SD card will do). Its a bit of work there, as you update your firmware into FAT32 format
  11. KnightMars

    My switch doesnt read my micro SD card

    Update your NS again by using ChoiDujourNX, follow the steps below: Select ChoiDujourNX In ChoiDujourNX, enter the /firmware you created earlier and select Choose After processing, select [x.x.x] (exFAT) where [x.x.x] is the firmware version you chose After verification, choose Select Firmware Proceed installation Enjoy
  12. KnightMars

    👍 The Last Remnant Remastered (NSP + XCI)

    both One Drive & google drive is not working for me, "Page not found"