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  1. I finally got it to work for some reason it wasn't copying over the of the files
  2. Which venom do I download do I use the newest one I downloaded frost is still locked unless im doing something wrong
  3. Ok I downloaded the unlocker venom repack and install via tinfoil and I still cannot choose frost unless ive done something wrong
  4. Does anyone have the cheats for the new update of MK11 I have shang tsung but I still need to unlock frost
  5. does anyone have the cheats to unlock frost in the newest update
  6. I was wondering if you still have to create an online account just to use this game or has someone found a work around
  7. Thanks downloading as we speak
  8. Krayziezay

    Resident Evil

    Cant wait for the google drive link
  9. Whats the difference between scene release and regular
  10. has anyone been able to get this to work before downloading it the file says its supposed to be 6.6G but once its downloaded im only getting 6.58 and it wont install. I'm on sx 8.0.1 I used gold-leaf and goldtree to install
  11. Krayziezay

    Resident Evil 0 + biohazard 0 (XCI + NSP)

    Has it finished uploading
  12. Ok everytime I download and try to install via gold-leaf I keep getting a message saying might be missing sigpatches or firmware is to low and Im on 8.0.1 sx and Ive downloaded the file twice