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  1. thecosmicgate

    [HELP] I installed an update and now my game doesn't work.

    the solution is replacing the sig patches , evertyhing is working now
  2. thecosmicgate

    [HELP] Switch error code 2000-0000

    Deleting the game, and re-install doesn't solve this problem. I found the solution bij replacing the sig patches . Everything is working fine
  3. thecosmicgate

    [HELP] I installed an update and now my game doesn't work.

    re-install iis solving this problem ?
  4. thecosmicgate

    games not working

    Having exactly the same problem, maybe downgrading to 8.0.0 should solve this (don't know) ?
  5. thecosmicgate

    [HELP] Switch error code 2000-0000

    Thnx , deleting the sept and atmosphere folders solved this problem ! But when i try to start a game , 8 out of 10 having this error : Could not start the software , please try again from the home menu I was thinking this was an issue with the game version, so i started looking for game updates. If they where available , i installed them but again the same error. So i tried to archive the game, and re-install this --> again this error What to do next ?
  6. Hello guy's, I tried updating the firmware from the switch to the version 8.0.1 (from 7.x.x ) , using this guide : manual upgrade. Already updated the hekate and atmosphere to the latest version before i tried updating . But when it reboots i'am getting error code : 2000-0000 Somebody please ?