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  1. dataminor

    [SO] I Hate Running Backwards eShop NSW-SUXXORS

    Thanks in advance to whoever posts a reliable link.
  2. Has anyone hosted it elsewhere yet? Not clicking this.
  3. Screw this bum and his monetized links.
  4. dataminor

    Chasm NSP NoBS NoADS

    How it should be. Appreciate you.
  5. dataminor

    [SO] Chasm NSW NSP - iND

  6. So a few days have passed and people have voted overwhelmingly towards banning said providers. Now is anyone actually in a position to do it?
  7. dataminor

    [SO] Mark of the Ninja Remastered eShop NSW-VENOM

    No thanks. Your links always have been and always will be useless. Will wait for a better uploader.
  8. Would go nicely in my collection.
  9. dataminor

    [REQUEST] Think of the Children

    I'd be into this.
  10. dataminor

    Alwa’s Awakening

    Would love to play this.
  11. Someone else will upload this. People need to stop clicking his links and maybe he'll stop posting them.