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  1. dataminor

    [REQUEST] Heroland

    You're invited to a magical resort where anyone can be a hero—except for you. You just work there! Luckily, it's on an island where dreams come true...for a price. As a tour guide, your job is to lead "heroes" safely through the theme park's dungeons. Customize strategies, repair weapons, and manage items to survive. Recruit over 20 quirky characters, including upright knights, phantom thieves, high school girls, and one casually nihilistic otter/man. Meet and defeat a colorful cast of coworkers such as monstrous mascots, cute li'l slugs, selfie-loving skeletons, and magical broccoli! Behold the splendor of 2D sprites that have been turned, alchemy-like, into 3D models who bend and stretch through THE THIRD DIMENSION! Conjured from your 16-bit dreams by the legends of retro Japanese RPGs, this whimsical tale of princes and part-timers guarantees excitement that cannot be forgotten. Platform: Nintendo Switch Release Date: Dec 03, 2019 No. of Players: 1 player File Size: 658 MB Category: Adventure, Role-Playing, Strategy Publisher: Marvelous (XSEED)
  2. dataminor

    Ori and the Blind Forest

  3. dataminor

    Dragon Quest XI S?

    R.I.P. Rick. Still pulling for DQ XI S.
  4. dataminor

    [Request] Untitled Goose Game

    Hell yeah. Pulling hard for this one.
  5. dataminor

    Gun Gun Pixies

    I'd be interested in checking this out too. Looks weird!
  6. dataminor

    Creature in the Well

    Yeah! This looks cool!
  7. dataminor

    Demo Dragon Quest Xi

    Yes please!
  8. Could you get past the game select screen?
  9. Latest version of Goldleaf says "Invalid NCA (might mean missing sigpatches or too low firmware) (4527)" on latest OFW & latest SX OS.
  10. dataminor

    Gato Roboto

    Yeah! This game looks awesome!
  11. dataminor

    Resident Evil series

  12. dataminor

    [Request] Darkwood