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  1. Stuck Pixel on LCD Monitor

    Thanks so much JJ
  2. Stuck Pixel on LCD Monitor

    Hi Everyone, I just got a new Dell laptop and after a few days I noticed a tiny pinhole of bright light about one inch from the centre of the screen I did my research and it looks like it's a stuck pixel and because there is just one....Dell won't cover it under warranty. I've tried several programs that try to massage the pixel by rapid changing colours. How long should I let this program go?? I've tried an hour and no change...some ppl say several hours. Another method is to apply pressure either near or on the pixel. Some say to turn off monitor...apply pressure on the pixel and them reboot the system. Others say to tap around or on the pixel while the screen is on. Any info on this would be appreciated as I don't want to make anything worse. It wouldn't be such a huge deal except that it's always in my view and I planned on having this laptop for a long time! Thanks in advance
  3. MegaUpload Shut Down by the Feds, Founder Arrested

    Can all the people who downloaded from those sites be prosecuted?
  4. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Big Thank You to you too Wiicrew for staying online with me for so many hours working this stuff out. I really appreciated you help and patience...LOL
  5. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Wiiflow is working now. Game still gets stuck loading the story mode but works like a charm in short story, so I'm going to re download it and start over...as I mentioned, my internet kept crapping out in mid file sometimes so maybe a file is corrupted or missing from that...not sure but it's worth a go after all this work. Thanks again to everyone who was kind enough to help!
  6. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    the message that comes up when I try to load wiiflow..... In exclamation mark comes up in a yellow triangle and it says requires IOS249 rev20 or higher
  7. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Ok...so I changed the boot.dol and tried to load wiiflow.... it said IOS249 rev20 or later required.....so I loaded the program you gave me and it said CIOS250 D2XV6 base 58 rev 21006 installed successfully..... but wiiflow still comes up with that message Now what?
  8. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Ok.....so I'm using HBC and I was able to install the new cios installer...and the Yamm...program? Where do I put the file to update the Wiiflow... I put it in apps but its not showing up on HBC. Am I supposed to put the .dol file in the existing Wiiflow folder? I'm sure I sound really dumb right now... but I did warn you I was a self taught Newbie...lol
  9. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Sorry for not getting these answered sooner......Ok I was using WiiFlow 2.1 I'm not sure what the IOS was now because we changed it late last night lol. I now have WiiFlow 2.2rc1 with an IOS of 249 and a base IOS57 v5918? now the custom ios installer asked which source device....Wii SD slot, USB Mass storage device, USB 2.0 Mass storage device , SD Gecko slot a or slot ? I have an external hdd... but I left it at the first option for now.... Wii Sd slot. I tried the game several times and it will let me play the short games just fine but when I select the Story Mode it goes to load and now the blue light on my Wii does not stay on.... but the video load screen keeps playing. When I went into the game's settings from WiiFlow and changed the ios to 249 it wouldn't load the game at all...an error message came up and froze the Wii. OH! I just noticed that after choosing the Wii SD slot for source device and pressing A I got an error message for bases 57 and 58 .... says it's mounting the device please wait... OK! Then it says .... reading "ios58-64-v6175.wad, please wait....... ERROR! (ret = -1) Umm... what does that mean? I assume my ios was not successfully changed?
  10. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Well after Wiicrew was nice enough to literally spend hours upgrading the ios and willflow,.... the stupid game still sticks on Story Mode....GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. My internet kept crapping out during part of the downloads...is it possible that one of the files of the game is damaged or part missing? I had better like this game after all this work....LOL
  11. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Should I try taking if off the External HDD and starting over.... opening the rar files then converting them to WBFS? Could something have gone screwy there? Sorry... I'm such a newbie...so forgive me if this sounds stupid.
  12. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Which CIOS? I'll have to look into that.... I'm using Homebrew to load WiiFlow...I'll check which version as well. I downloaded the game from OverAtBiGGZ link.... no one else seemed to mention this problem...*sigh*... it's so weird that it plays the short games but not the story line...
  13. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Thanks Guys...I still feel a bit intimidated with this stuff.... the dol listed on that link was for the House of The Dead 2.... my game is the third one...Overkill...would it still work?
  14. Story Mode freezes hacked Wii :(

    Thank You! I really appreciate it!