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  1. TrainerVG

    [WIP] All 3DS Firmwares

    Name Speaks for Itself. Planning on uploading every single 3DS Firmware Update ever released. All Regions will be uploaded as well. Firmware List (For Reference) (USA): Link (USA): [Hidden Content] List (USA😞 1.0.0-0U 1.1.0-1U 2.0.0-2U 2.1.0-4U 2.1.0-4U 2.2.0-4U 3.0.0-5U 3.0.0-6U 4.0.0-7U 4.1.0-8U (To Be Continued...)
  2. TrainerVG

    [Request] Retail Encrypted Dev Apps

    @sonred Yes.
  3. Please post a direct link. (i.e. Google Drive or MEGA)