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  1. link broken 404. error. Google Drive No se encontró la URL solicitada en este servidor. Es todo lo que sabemos. the link is dead plis upload
  2. thanks turbo you know what firmware use
  3. Hello turbo, I liked it more before how you put the image of the game on the page, because you don't do it anymore?
  4. I have not thanked you for a long time, my turbo friend, thank you very much for your contribution, by the way, in 1fichier server a file with extension .nsz appears, you open wrong, if this is the case we will only have to rename the extension to .nsp What is the .nsz extension for?
  5. sergio777

    👉 Luigis Mansion 3 | NSP | Easy Download 💛

    thanks friend, my reasons were for my download was too slow, anyway I thank you for your contribution.
  6. sergio777

    👉 Luigis Mansion 3 | NSP | Easy Download 💛

    yes, I also cancel the download, the server goes down to 212 / kb, anyway thanks.
  7. Thanks bro, this game is the official, when nps file and the update¿
  8. Hi turbo i have this error in captcha, you know why¿
  9. sergio777

    Resident Evil Collection - By Rockfello

    thanks soo much rockfello