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  1. Click on link, wait one minute for free download sendbox. Confirm i am not a robot and download the folder wirar. Winrar with link torrent included. Put english in option of the game, so subtitles is normaly in langage of your switch.
  2. My Time at Portia [EUR] [NSP] [XCI] [TORRENT] [NSP] [EUR] [hide][Hidden Content]] [XCI] [EUR] [hide][Hidden Content]] [EXRACT] ENJOY! To thank me, click on "Thanks" button (bottom right).
  3. Why are you a liar? Here is a screenshot of the Torrent site, there is not much leech but there is no 0 seed!
  4. False! Register for free. DL the torrent and after the DL, "stay" in "seed". So, if you share what you download, the ratio is positive. so no need to pay to continue downloading. Read on the torrent website how the ratio works. Otherwise, hack the ratio with ratiomaster 1.9.1
  5. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe [ZIPPYSHARE] [6XRAR] [2.5GO] [EUR] [NSP] [hide][Hidden Content]] [EXTRACT] ENJOY! To thank me, click on "Thanks" button (bottom right).
  6. I re-upload the links for Torrent one last time. But if little fools still report, I delete this thread of sharing, sorry!
  7. Try to put in English in "option" of the game, so you will have the subtitle in the language of your Switch