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  1. You have to use the first option, i can confirm it works, i installed first the game and after that the update, working good!
  2. Since this is the same release of all members, works fine, ams 0.8.7 and goldleaf 0.5 for install game + update, recommend to overclock a bit for better game experience.
  3. medivh20

    Mortal Kombat 11 (XCI + NSP) + Update

    Sorry but its not eur, its usa, text are in Spanish yes, audio is english ( spanish switch setup ) Anyway i keep it, since i want only to play history, thanks for early release!!
  4. medivh20

    Mortal Kombat 11 (XCI + NSP) + Update

    Seems like USA, because it haves neutral spanish ( latino ) will confirm after applyng patch :P
  5. medivh20

    Mortal Kombat 11 (XCI + NSP) + Update

    Is this eur or usa ? wich languages?
  6. I see you use SX, i will try later since im using AMS
  7. Passing for the moment, you know haha , thanks for game base then!
  8. Excuse me @xellos2099alpha if you are looking for japanese+english why arent you downloading asia or jap version?
  9. 8-12 hours download time.... please google drive?
  10. España, ole toros paella corrupcion flamenco
  11. May be that, but anyway i cant download
  12. No way to download, also the file size is a lot different from the other release, i will wait for proof or feedback