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  1. ulao

    Freeshop for Nintendo Switch

    no inputs work now, guessing a new update is needed.
  2. I downloaded a few games and selected sdcard for location. They show up in the installed games section, they show up in the home screen game launcher but if I launch any game from the home menu gives an error about the game being corrupt. Some game start but still give the error. (sd card is new and checked) And pressing (a) from tinfoil says it will launch it but it does nothing.
  3. ulao

    Freeshop for Nintendo Switch

    Two issues so far 1) after you load it, you need to close it, so it loads it again, now the option for dlc show up? 2) updating to doing a DLC I get "installed failed" "then failed to register" **********.nca" than "failed to register placeholder NCA" then "Failed to wire to placeholder" and "failed to create placeholder" --SDcard was full .
  4. ulao

    Freeshop for Nintendo Switch

    ^^ yes, works just fine. So, does anyone know if we will ever see this work on an attached HD, or get this running on a PC ? I don't really use those flimsy sdcard anymore.