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  1. Una pregunta como unificas las 7 partes que se descargan para obtener el archivo a instalar en el switch? Saludos, lo baje en las 7 partes porque por el momento.me salia mas accesible que en GD
  2. Yes, i am already following you. I am still learning about the system, i tried to install a them but i could not, hope i can do it with this game. Perhaps, if you ever see Octodad you let me know. I reamly thank you, blessings.
  3. I thank you so much, i love this game. I am new to the switch.
  4. ItsMeSekiro

    Minimalistic Theme

    Excellent work. Amazing. I want it, but i am new to all this, my switch is modded and on 7.0.1 but idk what to do with the files i downloaded in my computer which files should i move. Thanks for the help.